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At home blood test kits

There’s a huge wave of people now tracking ongoing key health indicators such as cholesterol, glucose levels, and liver and kidney function. These blood biomarkers, which lifestyle often has a dramatic impact on, can all be improved quite easily when you know the levels of the enzyme or functional fluid you are targeting. Long-term tracking with finger-prick blood tests allow you to see changes in your blood and adjust your lifestyle before they become problems.

What will Blood biomarkers tell you?

  • Blood testing for cholesterol and triglycerides can help assess heart attack risk.
  • Blood testing for liver proteins and bilirubin can assess liver function.
  • Blood testing for blood urea nitrogen and creatinine can assess kidney function.
  • Blood testing for blood sugar glucose levels help diabetics keep diabetes under control.

How to do a blood test?

You can get a drop of blood from a finger or toe. To get a drop of blood:

  • 1.Wash the area with warm water. This increases blood flow and makes sure there is nothing on the finger or toe that may change the reading. It also helps prevent infection. Do not routinely wipe the finger with alcohol. Any trace of alcohol left on the skin will interfere with the test. Air-dry the area before pricking.
  • 2.Use a lancet to prick the side of the finger or toe rather than the fleshy pad on the tip of the finger or toe. It is often helpful to place the finger on a table. This helps prevent the natural reflex of withdrawing the finger when it’s poked.
  • 3.Put the drop of blood on the test strip or in a collection vial.

This sample is then posted off to a lab and analyzed. The results will then be returned to you via post or email or web portal.

American Drug Test offers many products to support home finger-prick blood testing such as lancets, testing strips, and specimen tubes and containers.

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