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Oral fluid testing, commonly referred to as saliva testing, is gaining rapid popularity as a reliable method for drug testing. The ease of use, established testing protocols at laboratories, and the ability to collect a sample anytime, anywhere are just a few of the benefits associated with oral fluid testing. However, being relatively new in the drug testing industry, oral fluid testing has given rise to some misconceptions. Let's take a closer look at these misconceptions to develop a better understanding of the oral fluid testing process and debunk these common myths.

Myth 1: Oral Fluid Testing Eliminates the Need for Third-Party Administrators (TPA)

While oral fluid collections can be completed almost anywhere, leading some to believe that a TPA is unnecessary, this is a misconception. TPA's play a crucial role as agents on behalf of employers. They establish connections between various vendors needed for a successful drug testing program and help manage the program with the employer. Offering oral fluid testing can even increase a TPA’s business by reaching clients seeking alternative options.

Tip: Explore the benefits of oral fluid testing and how it can complement other methods within a comprehensive testing program.

Myth 2: Oral Fluid Testing Is Not Permitted in My State

The misconception that oral fluid testing is not permitted in certain states may arise from federal testing regulations, especially those pertaining to the Department of Transportation (DOT). However, recent approvals have expanded the use of lab-based oral fluid testing. Understanding state laws is crucial, as oral fluid testing is permitted at a non-federal level in all states and for employers regulated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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Myth 4: Oral Fluid Is Not an Effective Testing Method

Despite being newer than urine testing, oral fluid testing is just as effective and accurate. The collection process is similar to urine testing, and the laboratory processes the samples using comparable testing methods that yield reliable results. The visibility of the collection process makes cheating virtually impossible.

Tip: Learn about the effectiveness of oral fluid testing and its advantages over other testing methods.

Myth 5: Detecting Recent Use Is Not Useful for Employers

Recent-use detection is increasingly critical for employers, especially in states with legalized marijuana. Oral fluid testing provides a shorter window of detection, making it ideal for post-accident scenarios where determining recent impairment is crucial.

Tip: Understand the importance of recent-use detection for workplace safety.

Myth 6: Oral Fluid Doesn’t Offer Drug Panel Customization

Contrary to early concerns, lab-based oral fluid testing now offers panel options similar to urine testing. TPAs and laboratories can collaborate to establish customized panel options tailored to specific drug testing programs.

Tip: Explore the customization options available for oral fluid testing.

Myth 7: Special Training for Oral Fluid Testing Is Inconvenient

While training is necessary for any collection process, oral fluid testing simplifies the training process. The easy-to-follow training guides allow collectors to conduct successful oral fluid collections in a matter of minutes.

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Conclusion: Embracing the Benefits of Oral Fluid Testing

Addressing these common misconceptions about oral fluid testing highlights its numerous benefits. Without a proper understanding, it's challenging to make informed decisions about implementing oral fluid testing. In conclusion, oral fluid testing is an effective and reliable means of drug testing that more employers are turning to. Its key advantages include less time-consuming and invasive collections, increased recent-use detection, and the ability to make rapid, informed decisions.

Tip: Explore the key benefits of oral fluid testing to make informed decisions for your drug testing program.

Jan 9th 2024 Alexandra Maverick

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